Pick the organizer that best suits you and your family.

The Word organizers are made to print off and fill out.  If you answer yes to any of the questions you should download the appropriate organizer to go along with it.  The PDF files can also be printed out and then filled, but they are also fillable forms.  If you answer yes to any of the questions while on the internet a organizer associated with that answer will come up and need to be filled out as well.  Once filled out on your computer simply print or
e-mail to rgettman@comcast.net
There is an e-mail link on the toolbar to do this.

If you e-mail, I can have your information before you come in, and I might need to ask a few questions or check some of your items.


Individual   Fillable PDF

Business Owner Starting Point for business    Fillable PDF

Rental  Starting Point for rentals (after Individual)   Fillable PDF

Stocks Schedule D)   Fillable PDF

Vehicle Expense    Fillable PDF

Home Office

What Should I Bring to My Tax Interview?

Begin by completing our Individual 1040 Organizer
Bring your completed Organizer and provide copies of all tax-related documents such as:

Income Statements

W-2 (Wage statements)

1099R (Pension, IRA and other retirement income statements)

1099 INT (Interest Income statements)

1099 DIV (Dividend income statements)

1099 G (Unemployment or state refund statements)

1099 W2G (Gambling winnings statements)

1099B (Proceeds from Broker and Barter Exchange Transactions)

Deductible Expense Statements

1098 (Mortgage interest statement)

1098T (Tuition and fee payments for college and continuing education programs)

1098E (Student loan interest payments)

1099S (Sale of home or real estate)


Other Information Relating to Deductible Expenses

Childcare provider information as detailed in our Individual 1040 Organizer

Charitable donation information as detailed in our Individual 1040 Organizer

If you made energy-efficient home improvements, purchased a high-efficiency appliance or purchase a new hybrid car, you should bring information and receipts about these items

If you purchased or sold your home during the year, bring closing papers from each purchase and sale


Other Important Items to Bring

Social Security Cards for taxpayer, spouse and all dependents

We may need to see your photo ID

A copy of your prior-year tax return


Purchase or Sale of Home


If you purchased, refinanced or sold a home during the year, please bring copies of Good Faith Estimate closing papers from any purchase, sale or refinance during the year.

If you sold your home during the year, you should also read our Sale of Home Organizer page.