Rental Property Organizer

This Organizer is for:_____________________


Property Name

Kind of property: Residential □ Commercial □

Address of property

Did you live in this home during the year? Yes □ No □
If yes, was this your: Main home □ or 2nd home □?
What percentage of time was the property rented for the year? _________
How many days was the property used for personal purposes during the year? ____________

Did you actively participate in the operation of this rental ? Yes □ No □

Is all of your investment at risk? Yes □ No □

Did you sell this property in 2007?

Are you a real estate professional who worked 500 hours or more in real estate for the year?  Yes □ No □



Expenses  Continued


Rents received


Interest- Other


Non-refundable Deposits received




Refundable rental deposits received




Rental deposits that were forfeited by tenants


Utilities -Electric


Value of service or Property received in lieu of rent


Utilities -Garbage


Rents refunded


Utilities - Gas




Utilities -Other




Utilities -Water


Auto & Travel


Association Dues/Fees


Cleaning & Maintenance


Telephone, Cell, Internet




Pest Control




Other Expenses


Legal & Professional




Management Fees




Interest -Mortgage












Asset Depreciation Worksheet

You must report the purchase and disposition of all assets you used in your business.

For each asset bought or sold, provide the following information:

Assets purchased listing

 Assets sold or disposed of listing
Description  Date Bought Cost Description Disposition date  Sales price